The lines are around the wrong property

Our tool relies on Google Maps data to correctly match an address to a location on the map. Sometimes Google Maps has the incorrect location on the map for where a particular address may be. You can try re-doing your search by using the GPS coordinates of the correct location, or you can also Right Click or Long Touch the correct property on the map to re-draw the lines there.

The position of the lines are not accurate

Our corner location data for each parcel is only as reliable as the public records we use to generate our lines. This data will frequently be slightly off to some degree from the surveyed corners of a property and errors will be much more noticeable the smaller the lot is. You can manually fine-tune these corners by downloading the KML file to view it in Google Earth by clicking the button above the map. Read our instructions on how to do this at our "Google Earth" page.

I'm only seeing the middle of the ocean

You may have entered a location that Google Maps has no current information on. Try re-drawing the lines using the GPS Coordinates method instead. Or you can use the "Browse The Map" feature that will allow you to zoom into where you want the lines drawn, then right click or long touch to draw.

I'm seeing a blank space instead of the map

You may have entered an address that is outside of the reach of our current database. Unfortunately we are limited in the resources needed to add new areas but we hope to eventually cover the enture United States.

Find My Location is showing the wrong place

Using this feature from a mobile device will use its GPS detection ability to find your location. From a desktop computer this feature uses data from your connection to your internet provider. If you're using a mobile device look at your map app and see if the location it shows you at is correct. If it's not try moving to a slightly different location until you see this corrected and then try to draw your lines again. From a desktop computer if you are having trouble using this feature, you may just need to use one of the other search functions.

The viewer website crashes with an error

This web app is supported across all platforms and browsers, however there may be issues with older browsers or devices. If you are frequently having issues with the viewer crashing, try a different browser. Google Chrome is the most reliable web browser we have tested our app with.